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World Cup IPO R

On this page you find the specific information about the IPO Rescue discipline.

IPO R judge

  • My name is Joop Meijer. I am 64 years old and an anesthetist by profession.

    I have been practicing rescue dogs since 1994 and so far I have trained four rescue dogs in areasearch, rubble search, tracking, water rescue and avalanche searches. I passed the Mission Readiness Test with one dog. I also practiced IPO and FCI Obedience.

    With several dogs I participated in IRO world championships. I won the NRHB-Trophy three times. After a few years as national rescue dog judge, I have been IPO-R and FCI rescue dogs judge since 2005.


A small impression of the areasearch location

  • IPO R areasearch location
  • IPO r areasearch location slide


Participants WC WDSF 2018 IPO R Dutch Shepherds site
  1. Petra Cerná – Binto vom Airport Frankfurt, Czech Republic, RH-FL A
  2. Kirsi Liikanen – Casa d’Agostini Milwaukee Mile, Finland, RH-FL A
  3. Alistair Louvrier – Lecter de La Dynastie des Sages, Belgium, RH-FL A