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On this page you find the specific information about the IPO discipline.

IPO speaker

  • My name is John Stoffels and I am 54 years young, living in the beautiful Limburg Maasdorp Kessel.
    I have been involved in dog sport from a very young age. My father practiced the KNPV Police Dog 1 program and I went with him at 8 years of age every week to look very closely at the dogs and helpers.

    When I was 24 years old and went to live together with my former girlfriend, the first thing we bought was a pedigree Malinois and I became a member of PHV Trouw. From the second day that I came on the training field with my dog ​​until now, I have been active as a helper in dog sport and have done countless exams and competitions in that capacity. During an exercise day I saw an X-Dutch Shepherd for the first time and was immediately sold, when it turned out that my Malinois was not in good medical order I bought my first X-Dutch Shepherd and also my current dog of (now) 8 months old is an X-Dutch Shepherd.

    At one point I registered as a member of an IPO association with my X-Dutch Shepherd Rex. This dog has obtained the PH1 certificate as well as IPO 1, 2 and 3 and I have achieved the IPO 1 diploma with a total of one X-Dutch Shepherd, five pedigree Dutch Shepherds and one German Shepherd, all-in  a time span of over a little six years. By coincidence I returned to the KNPV sport, but I still regularly visit an IPO club here and there. It all has something!
    After my current dog, I want to try and establish a good pedigree Dutch Shepherd for the PH 1 program but this is future music.

    I want to thank the organization for the invitation to act as a speaker and wish them a successful event.
    I wish all participants, judges and hard workers a lot of success and especially sportsmanship. Spectators, you I also wish a nice and exciting match.

    With friendly Hollander greeting,
    John Stoffels

IPO judges

  • My name is Berry Kleinhesselink, born 08.02.1965, married and 2 kids, living in the east of Holland, near to the German Border.

    I’m training dogs since 1992, and started  three times at the FCI and FMBB. My favorite breed is the malinois, cause of his intelligence and powerfull work in obedience. But I also trained an German Shepherd succesfully.

    I brought only 4 dogs to IPO 3, for the reason I don’t want to have more than 1 dog, and the dogs stay with me untill they die.  Unfortunately 2 dogs died before the age of 2 years, so it takes a long time to come back on level.

    I’m a judge since 2006, and  I have been invited 5 times to judge  world championships. I’m very honored  to start for the second time at this world championship, judging part A. In my opinion the Dutch Shepherd made a big step forward  in the last years. They also competed succesfully at the FCI, our highest level in dog sport.

    I wish all the competitors all the best these days, let the best win, and don’t forget:   our dog still remains our best friend, whatever the results are. Berry Kleinhesselink

  • I am Lars Czylwik and I was born in 1955. I live in the outskirts of Falkenberg in Sweden.

    Dogs have always been a major part of my life. I began with IPO, not long after the sport was first introduced in Sweden, and have since had several dogs which I have trained and competed with, both nationally and internationally. The first Dutch Shepherd Dog to ever take part in a FCI-World Championship was actually my ”Oscar v.d. Vastenow”.

    I have been an IPO-judge since 2002 and judged a large number of national- and international competitions, in Sweden as well as in other parts of the world. I feel very honored to once again be invited to judge a WDSF-World Championship, and wish all involved both enjoyment and success!

    Lars Czylwik

  • My name is Jos Beck, I was born in 1945 and I’m married.

    Since 1975 I am active in dog sports as a dogleader, but also as a protective-service-assistant. With various German Shepherds I participated in Provincial- and Dutch championships.

    As a protective-service-assistant, I have been able to work at many major events such as the Provincial championships and the Dutch individual championships. My passion is the German Shepherd dog, but I can enjoy all the good dogs of whatever breed they are. Since 1985, I am judge of the VDH and since 2008 I am a judge of the Dutch Kennel Club (FCI).

    As a judge, I also had the pleasure judging on many major matches. Absolute highlight was judging division  A during the WUSV championships in 1989 in Maribor. For you as a participant in this Dutch Shepherd’s World Championship, I hope that the many training hours you have spent with your buddy, can achieve the desired result.

    With sports greetings and stay healthy,
    Jos Beck



Tracking fields

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Track layers

  • Hello, I am Peter Boeters, since 1982 I have Rottweilers. Entered the sport by Rottweiler male Max, a brutak but sweet dog.
    In 2003 Rottweiler bitch Alexis Vom Nimwegener Land was bought and we named her Jazz. Continued with Jazz in the IPO training. Thanks to her more than 1 logbook full of exams, competitions, certificate IPO 3 / VPG 3, SPH / FH and for 98% successful, both in the Netherlands and Germany.
    Jazz has passed the A-check in Germany with one of the few Dutch bitches IPO / VPG 3 certificate.
    With Jazz I have qualified for a World Championship Rottweilers twice Hapert 2008 as Reserve and In Denmark 2009 as a participant. In 2010 Jazz participated for the last time in an Dutch Championship.
    Now I am training with Boet Vom Schloss Zabo, a son of Hycha vom Schloss Zabo and Spike vom Amtsbach, Hycha is a daughter of Alexis Vom Nimwegener Land.
    I hope to qualify with him for the World Championship Rottweilers in Hapert September 2018.
    Why tracklaying?, I love how a dog of any breed and in all kinds of weather conditions continues to do its job. And to be honest, it is for me a sport to know, while dogs are tracking,  where the corners / objects are, so that the supporters on the side find out how the dog is progressing. After my track layer exam, I was invited at various events: Dutch Championship, NBG, Rottweilers and NVBH.
    I wish everyone good luck and a sporting event.

  • My name is René van Goor. Born in 1964, living together with Ineke, and have 3 children. I’m living in Smilde, that is in the north of the Netherlands. From 1996 I am in the dog sport and I am also trainer of 6 fanatic dog sporters. My favorite breed is the Malinois, we also breed these great athletes. My motto is, have fun with your dog also comrade !! I want to wish everyone a lot of success at the World Championship Dutch Shepherds.

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