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WDSF IPO World Championship & World Cup Mondior

We would like to welcome you to the 2018 WDSF World Championship and the World Cup for working dogs in The Netherlands.

It is a great honor to host the 5th Anniversary of the Dutch Shepherd world Championship. This time it will be in the beautiful city of Roden. This Dutch Shepherd event has caught Worldwide attention and has become the sporting event for the Dutch Shepherd.

Roden is a beautiful city, with many sights to see and enjoy. The city boast with lots of hotels, restaurants, an areas to relax and enjoy a cup of coffee or lunch. The people of Roden are friendly, hospitable and will help whenever possible.

Organizing an international event like this World Championship, requires lots of commitment from the club members and volunteers. Long days of planning to make the event go smooth. Of course there will be stressful moments as the event progresses. All of that is part of the event and we gladly take the task to make this event a success.

I would like to thank the NHC as the sponsor organization of the event, the county of Noordenveld for their cooperation and of course the Korfbalvereniging Noordeveld for the beautiful venue. In addition, a heart felt thank you to the volunteers who have spent time and effort to get everything ready so you, the participants, will have a nice time and stress free event. Without these people, it is impossible to host an event of this magnitude.

We have said it time and again that the Dutch Shepherd is a versatile breed and participating in this event demonstrates their commitment to their handler. Without the Dutch Shepherd and their handlers, we would not have an event. I thank you! We thank you! for participating and showing the world that the Dutch Shepherd is here to stay.

In 2014 we had 23 teams participating. As of 2017, this event has grown into 51 participating in IPO, 30 in agility and 31 in obedience. An event of our breed we are proud of and furthermore, it has brought people from other countries to share ideas, participate, spectators that love the breed, international organizations, breeders and best of all, enjoying each others company.

As competitive as the sport is, it still brings people enthusiastically together, people that want to import and breed high quality specimens. As in everything that is good, the Dutch Shepherd is now a widely known breed, showing that it can hold it’s own with other breeds in the world stage. By not excluding anyone, we are reaching a hand, not only to increase participation, but opening it for people to breed for function, health and working ability.

We know that the Dutch Shepherd has a small population in the world, but it is up to us, the Dutch Shepherd lovers, the Dutch Shepherd enthusiasts, to work and breed healthy, strong, and well temperament Dutch Shepherds. Wouldn’t it be grand if in 50 years or so, we can still enjoy our Dutch Shepherds as it was intended to be? It is my dream that it will be so.

The WDSF is a unique federation that represents the working ability of our breed. We are aligned with the breed organization as well as internationally. This can be seen by the many nations that have come to participate in this now, World Event!

We look forward to meeting each and everyone of you, to shake your hand and warmly welcome you. To visit with old acquaintances and hopefully make new friends that would last a lifetime.

I hope that all participants, guests and friends will experience the Dutch hospitality and enjoy your stay in Roden. May the competition go smoothly and according to plan, and may it be a success.

Best Regards,

José Stienstra,
WDSF president
Hondensport Hoogkerk