WDSF IPO World Championship & World Cup Mondioring

I would like to welcome you to the City of Noordenveld. The city council and the Mayor are very honored that the World Dutch Shepherd Federation selected our city to celebrate the 5th World Dutch Shepherd Championship.

We are confident that under the guidance and leadership of the members of Hondensport Hoogkerk, all participants and spectators will have a wonderful stay in our city.

The fields at KV Noordenveld’s Korfball will provide a beautiful venue to make this top sporting event that will include several events a success.

An event like this could not take place if it is not for the many volunteers and of course the parent organization.

The motto: “It’s All About Fun” will undoubtedly be true.
I also hope that you have the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful surroundings to be admired in the city of Noordenveld.

As a dog lover myself, I will make sure to go to enjoy the performances at the event.

I sincerely wish you nice days, good luck and especially lots of fun!
Klaas Smid,
Mayor Municipality of Noordenveld