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World Cup Agility

On this page you find the specific information about the Agility discipline.


Agility judge


Participants WC WDSF 2018 agility Dutch Shepherds site
  1. Delphine Debroeyer – Casa d’Agostini Phoenix Park, Belgium, AG A1
  2. Danielle Fama – Vrouwke van het Oude Landras, The Netherlands, AG A1
  3. Federica Gaudino – Lady Gaga Des Soldats De Krist Ale, Italy, AG A1
  4. Vicky Geurts – Venus Elise v Kevin’s Cot, The Netherlands, AG A1
  5. Oedinne Hinneman – Dutch Division Sky Lynx, The Netherlands, AG A1
  6. Nadja Keskifrantti – Janis Joplin Du Mont Brabant, Finland, AG A1
  7. Petra Kosok – Annikki één twee Hupsakee, Germany AG A1
  8. Gerard Laurant – Jump of Saint John’s, France, AG A1
  9. Stacy Merrill-Boring – Flame de Las Flores, USA, AG A1
  10. Laureen Neijndorff – Casa d’ Agostini Opatija / Luna, The Netherlands, AG A1
  11. Linda Oosting – Holland Orson v. Le Dobry, The Netherlands, AG A1
  12. Tamar Wibier – Peo Peo van ‘t Noorden Erf, The Netherlands, AG A1

Program Agility


 Thursday May 3, Roden
19:00 Opening ceremony
presentation countries


 Friday May 4, Roden
8:00 till 15:00 Veterinary control (mandatory)
Handing in papers

9:30-12:30 on the Esweg 14b Roden at dog club De Loop
For the agility participants it is possible to train at this location on Friday


Saturday 18:30 WDSF Party Evening in Aduard
Check the menu and make reservations


Sunday May 6, Roden
9.00 start of program (details in pdf file):
Grade 1 jumping
Grade 2 jumping
Grade 3 jumping

Grade 1 agility
Grade 2 agility
Grade 3 agility
Grade 1, 2 en 3 Agility course 2

Award & closing ceremony