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World Cup Mondioring

On this page you find the specific information about the mondioring discipline.

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Mondioring decoys

  • Nice to meet you, my name is Alessandro Simone.
    I’m official international decoy from 2013.
    In 2015 I was decoy fmbb   in category 2 and in 2016 I was decoy fmbb in category 3.
    Thanks for your availability.


  • I am doing dogsports for over 20 years, started in obedience and agility, certified as decoy for mondioring and belgian ring in 1998. ​
    Since then, I decoyed well over hundred competitions. Among a few of my competitions as a decoy are WC FCI 2002, 2017 and FMBB -04, -09 and 2010. Also I decoyed the national championships in Belgian ring and campagne as well the national championships of Switzerland and America.
    Dogsport is been from early child years been a big part of my life.
    As a handler, I competed with several dogs in the highest level of mondioring and Belgian ring with excellent results.

Mondioring judges

  • My name is Jos Helsen.
    I started dog sport in 1975 in Belgian ring sport and become judge in this sport in 1988.
    When mondioring started in 1987 I changed to this sport and become judge in 1989.
    I participated in 15 World Championships mondioring FCI with 6 different dogs .
    I won 2 times and 2 times second place.
    I also participated 10 times on the FMBB World Championship mondioring.
    To times first place and and 1 time second place.


  • Presentation Stéphane Huber

    For 40 years now active on dog sport, I handled many dogs on Swiss working disciplines.

    In 1990 I met mondioring for the first time and from this time on I got 3 dogs in mondioring 3.

    I was on the team Swiss at FCI worldchampionship and FMBB. Actually I’m working a young dog. In 1999, I became judge. I was judge in many competitions: FCI world championship, FMBB, national and international trial.

    I am glad you invited me judging this first mondioring Dutch shepherd worldcup.

    Best regards. Stéphane Huber


    Lars Czylwik


Participants WC WDSF 2018 Mondio Dutch Shepherds site
  1. Cristelle Coste – Instinct Halloween, France, MR1
  2. Karsten Dächert – Just Jupp of Flying Attacks, Germany MR1
  3. Imre Fejes – Amigo od Moslavine, Hungary, MR1
  4. Saara Kares – Kare-Saran Brutaali, Finland, MR1
  5. Annette Kopitz – Ayleen vom Goit Ym Dahl, Germany, MR1
  6. Cristine Marra – Morgane de Toi Soldats de Krist Ale, Italy, MR1
  7. Gianni Mattiuzzi – Havrevingens Foxy, Italy, MR1
  8. Norbert Nyirák – Working Stripes Arras, Hungary, MR1
  9. Kevin Peitz – Tara, Germany, MR1
  10. Patrick Prêtre – Irko des Soldats de Krist Ale, France, MR1
  11. André Schöfer – Spesnaz (schöfer), Germany, MR1
  12. Jeremie Sciascia – Jazz des Soldats de Krist Ale, France, MR1
  13. Gottfried Steinacher – AHS Beautiful Cayenne, Austria, MR1
  14. Annette Tallberg – Keep Dutching Achona, Finland, MR1
  15. Kerstin Thämlitz – C’est la Vie, Germany, MR1
  16. Angela Wabbel – Sky, Germany, MR1
  17. Jens Wabbel – Suky, Germany, MR1

Program Mondioring


 Thursday May 3, Roden
19:00 Opening ceremony
presentation countries


Friday May 4, Roden
8:00 till 15:00 Veterinary control (mandatory) + handing in papers
Evening Judge meeting & Team leader meeting


Saturday May 5, Roden
White dog cat 1 and drawing
9.45 Start cat 1
12.00 Stop for lunch time
13.00 Restart

Saturday 18:30 WDSF Party Evening in Aduard
Don’t forget to make reservations


Sunday May 6, Roden
withe dog category 2 and drawing
9.15 Start competition category 2
after category 2 white dog category 3
12.00 Stop for lunch time
13.00 Restart
Award & closing ceremony