Entree fee

IPO, Mondioring & IPO R

The disciplines IPO, Mondioring and IPO R can send in a Word document or PFD-file.
For IPO it also possible to sign in with Caniva and for Mondioring it is an option to use Working Dog.

€50,- entry fee for all participants
mondioring, IPO and IPO R

The reserve dog is free


Please transfer entry money to:

Name bank account: WC-WDSF 2018
City: Groningen
Name of  bank: Rabobank
IBAN: NL37RABO 0319741265
Please use: Starting fees WC-IPO name dog and discipline

Or use PayPall:


Agility & Obedience

For Agility & Obedience it is possible to sign in with the following Pdf file or Word document: